Where has time gone?

>> Friday, March 4, 2011

My oh my, where has time gone? I can not believe I have not blogged since November. I could make up a bunch of excuses like, "The Holiday's were so busy" , "I am working now and it takes up so much time" or "I'm a lazy bum!" Haha. Well, whatever the reasoning, I am blown away that so much time has passed. I really missed having this little place to share and create. So I am back again!

I'm still working at good 'ol Nothing Bundt Cakes, as well as making cupcakes on the side, and selling Vintage on etsy. Plus 3 people have asked me to do make up in the last 2 weeks. Not to mention the fam and my volunteering. I guess I don't need to make excuses, I am BUSY!

I took a sewing class and it was really fun, I learned to operate my machine and I completed one reversible place mat! Whoo hoo! Only 7 more to go. I feel like I can sew a few basic things now but I definitely need to make time to practice.

I have been feeling really tired and stressed lately, a little (ALOT) moody and overwhelmed. So I went to the Dr. and it turns out I have good reason. My iron is very low and my thyroid antibodies are through the roof ,not to mention a few hormonal things. So.........guess what this means? Time to lay off the frosting and coffee. As of tomorrow I am being placed on an anti-inflammation diet which consists of mostly veggies, fruit, chicken, fish , legumes and a few grains. No gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, potatoes etc. I am nervous/excited. This along with a lot of supplements and de-stressing my life ( tips please?) should put me on the road to wellness. That my friends, makes me happy. I will be sharing with you how things are going and any clever recipes I come up with along the way.

Also I have tons of new things I need to put on my etsy store. I stumbled upon a deceased hoarders collection of antiques at a garage sale her son was holding. She probably tossed and turned a little in her grave because of the prices they were letting things go at. Hopefully I will get some new things up in the next day or so.

Couldn't resist a little rambling after realizing how long it has been. I will be back soon!